Whitney Houston and the Grammy awards Event


Stilinga believes that since Whitney Houston, a great voice, a great actress too and a sophisticated lady of the music world, died the day before the event of the Grammy Awards, it would have been more appropriate not to make the event at all.

It was horrible to see Whitney Houston's former fans and now turned into music stars themselves make her the tribute she reallly deserved and shedding warm and true beloved tears for the loss of such an artist and human being.

Stilinga saw cynism in such a fact: would these music stars remember and understand the moment they lived at the Grammy Awards?

A star of their world died and the music business machine was just fine and playing the old, ruined song of "business is business". 

These music stars are just like Whiteny Houston: a piece in the game, a little brick in the wall, a not lasting hero in the music business fairy tale.

Today you are the brightest star, the number one, and tomorrow you are past, gone and no one will really understand what it is all about: business against lives.

Tollerating all the media pressure, putting all your efforts, all your life in the job, fighting against all the competitors, reaching all the hits, remaining on top of the charts, but for what?

Your life is considered important as long as it is economically useful for the music Ceos and managers.
But you are the most precious person to yourself and after the show ends, you are always there, on the personal stage of your life.

And as human beings once a person dies it is not good at all to have such ceremonies the day after the loss, nor to sing in tears and then to receive awards.

Something is wrong and sick in such things.

Business is business, but life, birth and death, is more important.