Are Christian Loubotin's shoes made in China?

Of course no!
but if you visit and search for Shoes/Women's Dress Shoes you will be really surprised.

Many Chinese Shoe Manufacturers promote their high heel shoe productions, writing sentences like the following one:

"Christian Louboutin high heel shoes,designer dress shoes, 2010 newest!!!"

and they also add a picture of "their" Louboutin's production, the exact copy of it.

How can this be possible? and does Mr Louboutin know something about his fake Chinese shoes production?

Here a site to know more:

And Stilinga decided to get in touch with Louboutin's company to know more about their production places and here is their anwser to Stilinga's mail:

"We are aware that some websites are trying to sell counterfeit products and we’re trying to reduce their numbers.

All our production is based in Europe (mostly in Italy and Spain) and we only allow a few websites to sell our brand.

You can check on our website, in the section : “Our Boutiques” what websites are authorized."