Italian shoe design managers do not want to go to China to teach how to make shoes

Stilinga was interviewed by a world know outsole brand, based in Italy, China and USA and the proposed position was to organize and teach to different industrial  (hired) outsole designers, in USA and in China, how to create real shoes, since these teams of creative people can design beautiful images (of shoes too) but they have no knowledge of how to make shoes!

That's crazy and normal for now the market is looking for designers who are very able in using 2D and 3D software to sketch amazing looking virtual shoes, outsoles, etc... but once these projects must be turned into real products, they are unfit, that's it: totally unfit!

So these famous shoe design  schools, from each part of the globe, are not teaching what a shoelast is? they are not educating shoe/outsoles designers to solve shoe factory issues, such as how to develop a shoeline from a to z?

Crazy and the most hurting thing is that Italian shoe designers and managers should go to China and USA to inform the so called and hired and very well paid shoe technicians about how to make real shoes? Since Chinese ones do not get the problem of a shoe, although they seem to know what a shoe is...but actually their shoes have got problems.

They seem, but they are not!

This role means to spread Italian know how, experience and view on shoes to places that have been destroying our shoe industry since now!

Stilinga hopes these Chinese shoe technicians and US ones will have the humbleness and courage to take classes by themselves on how making shoes that fit!

It's time for a real revolution: coming back to reality: shoes that fit instead of amazing virtual images of them!