Do you produce shoes in China? just think it over

Stilinga thinks that producing shoes in China not only kills European good shoe production, but also it is a real damage to the final clients, for in China all kind of dangerous glues and dangerous chemical products are used for leathers and fabrics (from the smell one can understand where the shoes are produced).

And it is mostly a trouble for the International companies that have placed orders at Chinese shoe producers for other reasons.

It is true that making shoe samples (maybe the proto step does not exist there) costs around 10 USD per pair, that is nothing compared to the Italian proto (yes! Here in Italy we do still make the proto step and then from that point we arrive to the final very good sample! for our mind is not to produce rubbish!) and samples, but it is also true that once you place orders at Chinese factories the minimum quantity must be at least 2.000 pairs not 200!

And we need to consider that most of the time these cheap shoes, manufactured by Chinese factories can for example, lose their trims, their sparkling beads during the ship delivery, always for example, to Italy, where  the company that ordered such items in order of 5.000 pairs, needs to make extra work here in Italy fixing at least 1.000 pairs  because the bling bling accessories fell down during the trip from Asia to Europe and so somebody has to solve this problem before delivering the pairs to the final shops, otherwise big cancellations will be made by retailers.

And this European company that ordered the cheap shoes in large quantity must pray God that the shoes will work on the feet too, otherwise the final clients will return them to the shops and it looks like that 10 USD paid for samples and then maybe the 6/7 USD paid for production per pair that become maybe 70 €  or 100 € in the shop windows, were not that big business after all!

That's the way it goes: you pay what you ordered and quality is the only missed value in this story, while European shoe companies are closing and we need to say thanks to globalization, to the dictatorship that rules China and to the very smart Western companies owners!
Really well done!